Shabby Miss Jenn

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm still alive!

Oh, I am miserably behind on getting my photos up, but I'm going to try and do that very soon. I promise!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Another shot of Camden in motion, but at least I can use this one for blackmail purposes when he gets older. Think his teenage buddies would give him a hard time about playing on his sister's Disney princess hopscotch? ;)


Winter came and stayed for less than 12 hours. We got a small ice storm that left a few "icebergs", as Emma called them, hanging from old planters, trees, house eaves and rooftops.


Fresh from the tub, something on the TV caught Emma's eye and as you can see, she was totally oblivious to anything going on around her. I just love her big, beautiful eyes!


If I had taken this picture around Halloween I might have been seriously creeped out. The weather on Monday night was really eerie. It was very foggy and muggy, strange for January.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Isn't it just amazing what a haircut can do to the way someone looks? Especially when I'm talking about my kiddos. Grammie was a hairdresser for 30+ years and so she has always cut the kids hair, but our little man just refused to sit still for her yesterday. So, he wound up with a pretty choppy cut from a slip with the clipper because he was so wiggly. End result, we took Camden to get his first in a salon today in hopes that he would sit still for them and we could repair the damage. Of course, I took pictures of the event, but I also cried as his beautiful red hair fell to the floor. The final look is still a little short on top for me, but he sure is cute and awfully proud of his new 'do!


Khalil's big construction project at work has gone to 6 days a week so he won't be able to come home on the weekends anymore for a while. Grammie suggested we load up and take the kids for some shopping and to have lunch with him on Saturday. We didn't count on the frigid temps, but we still had a great time anyway. We ate at Mimi's Cafe and if you have one in your area, I highly recommend it. Quaint New Orleans decor and really good food. Today's photo totally captures a regular occurrence. Camden loves his Grammie, or Gee (think geese) as they call her these days, and he sure knows how to work her to get his way.