Shabby Miss Jenn

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Isn't it just amazing what a haircut can do to the way someone looks? Especially when I'm talking about my kiddos. Grammie was a hairdresser for 30+ years and so she has always cut the kids hair, but our little man just refused to sit still for her yesterday. So, he wound up with a pretty choppy cut from a slip with the clipper because he was so wiggly. End result, we took Camden to get his first in a salon today in hopes that he would sit still for them and we could repair the damage. Of course, I took pictures of the event, but I also cried as his beautiful red hair fell to the floor. The final look is still a little short on top for me, but he sure is cute and awfully proud of his new 'do!


  1. Awww...I think it's precious! He is so cute!

  2. What a sweet smile, he is just the cutest thing ever! Love keeping up with your blog Leslie :)

  3. What a handsome lil man, Leslie. Love his new do. I think the cut is just right for him. :)

  4. (I thought I posted a comment already, but guess it got lost.)
    He does look like a little man!! Where did our baby go? He's still too, too cute and I love those smiling eyes. I could just eat him up!!!

  5. Awwwwwwww! I agree I know how a haircut really does change things, hes still gorgeous though! My husband wants to cut Noahs hair and I dont think I can hold him off much longer lol!

  6. omg!!!! i just wanna squeeze him!!! love the haircut!!